Saturday, January 31, 2009

Impromptu Photoshoot

I stumbled across this fun site today... I thought I would enter this cute picture of my little man into their weekly contest!
Check out their site!

Today, my good friend Sunni and her children came by to check out our new house, see how big Griffin has gotten, and to bring Slayde a birthday present. Sunni has recently gotten into photography, so she travels with a few cute little baby props. I wanted to buy a hat like this but I just get sidetracked easily I guess and have never gotten around to it. So when I saw this hat, I HAD to do a little impromptu photo shoot! My house has the worst lighting for "natural light" photography. I set him up on my bed, and because he learned to crawl yesterday, he was HARD to keep down!! The only way I could get him to look at me was to hold my iPhone up playing a video from youtube of him... That was a bit tricky trying to hold a camera and a phone at the same time- PLUS keep Mr. Crawly in place!

This was my favorite shot of out 10 min session! (It is super cute in color too- but the colors in the hat are a little on the girly side...)

Thanks Sunni for spending the day with us and for letting me borrow your hat!!
Landon even got Slayde so tired- he actually took a nap!!
oh... and PS- Thanks to Sunni for also making me a cute little blog header!


  1. LOVE the hat amd photo as always..adorable. This is great! Cute site, love the patterns. Awesome looking food. What else is there? (Unless you deliver!)

  2. He is way cute....definite playdates in the future! :)

  3. This is the sweetest picture! Everything about it is precious!