Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I haven't had much to say these days apparently! My hubby has decided he needs to be on a diet... Apparently he doesn't understand that I NEED to cook for my blog (haha)! It makes no sense for me to cook some totally delish meal just for myself. Slayde isn't ever interested in eating what I cook unless it is a hamburger or mac and cheese! I have cooked lemon pepper chicken several times because it is really easy and not too bad calorie wise.
I am going to work on this though... I love good food dang it!

On a side note, I got a new PINK laptop... It is so cute! I was going to get a "mini" but Dan talked me out of it. So I let him pick out the specs told him to get whatever he thought I needed- as long as it was pink! heehee

We also bought a new mattress! My back has been killing me lately for some reason. We bought new bedroom furniture when we moved in November- but didn't get new a new mattress... That was a mistake for us... my hubby moves around ALOT while he is sleeping... the old box-spring we had made crazy noise every time he moved- which kept me awake half the night- thinking about my back hurting! I love our new mattress!

We also ordered Slayde a new bed! He is getting bunk beds! His bed now is his crib- converted to a full-size bed. He just needs a little more room in there I think. Plus when we get stationed somewhere else- we will probably be living in post-housing- which means the boys will probably have to share a room (boo-hiss). This was there will be room for both of them! I got him some cute Pirate sheets... I am on the look-out for accessories for his room now!

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