Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Madness!

Just wanted to share a few pictures...

Slayde had his very first T-Ball practice last week. He was so funny. He followed the coach around like a little puppy dog.

The coach said "Take a Knee". I don't know ANY 4 year olds that know what that means... but apparently they all knew... except Slayde! HaHa... of course he is the only one still standing!

When the others would hit the ball towards him, he would run, get the ball- and WALK it to the boy at 1st base... he never threw it. It was so funny!

Hand delivery...

My cute boy in his batting helmet- he was excited!

He did pretty well hitting the ball

Now, if we could just get him to pay attention to whats going on... instead of breakdancing in the field!!

In other news... My sweet Griffin is making a new face! It is so funny looking. He used to smile so sweetly... his new smile is a scrunchy face- he wrinkles his nose now. He also has started making that face and making a noise breathing in and out loudly. I call it the stinky face!

And this... this is my life... I have become a PlayStation 3 widow... boohoo...

Dan has Slayde very interested in playing video games. (OK... he really didn't need any help- he already loves his leapster, and his nintendo DS). Guitar Hero Metallica came out yesterday. Of course Dan had his on pre-order. Slayde rocked out with him... so funny. I love the faces he makes, and how he shakes his head getting into it.

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