Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have spent the better part of my morning doing laundry, cleaning, playing with Slayde and Griffin. In between all of that, I have been trying to catch up reading all the blogs that I follow.

I was totally moved by a post from fab photog Scarlet Lilian . http://www.blogger.com/www.scarletlilian.net
She just recently lost her father in his battle with cancer. Her family paid tribute to his life with a celebration. Scarlet made a slideshow documenting his life. I don't know her... or her father... but I sat watching her video with tears streaming down my face. She had a beautiful relationship with her father. It made me a little sad that I don't have that with my own father. My parents are still married- have been for almost 40 years. I live 12 miles from them... see them several times a week... but my father has never been involved in whats going on with his children, seems he has always been busy working, or messing with whatever muscle car project he has going on. Don't get me wrong. He has always provided well for his family. He is a very hard worker, still goes to work everyday doing a job that is very labor intensive. He has had the same job for about 38 years. He has always been there for me when I needed money... a car... dinner... help moving (too many times!). We have never had that close- dad-daughter relationship. I guess we just aren't those kind of people... in touch with our feelings and emotions and such... Thats fine... but I WILL be making the effort to talk to him more- Instead of calling their house and saying "hey, where is mom".

The other blog that has me in tears this morning is http://www.bevinsfamily.blogspot.com/
Kim and her family have suffered the loss of a child at 35 weeks a few years ago- then again last year loosing a baby girl at 28 weeks. They were all set up to adopt a baby girl from a young girl and her boyfriend... spending time with her and her family weekly... the baby was born a few days ago. Kim was in the delivery room, cut the cord. She and her husband had a room in the hospital to stay with the baby. They took the baby home, and within a few hours the birth mother was at their door because she changed her mind. My heart breaks for this family. I can't imagine the pain they have experienced. They have a 5 year old daughter that has also had to suffer the loss of THREE babies in her life. How do you cope? How do you help your young daughter understand? I hope they find some sort of peace. They are in my thoughts.

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