Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tomorrow... Maybe

I made a totally yummie dinner tonight! Even fresh baked rolls! My sweet little Griffin has not been feeling well today. I am going to take him to the Doctor tomorrow.... OH how I hate taking him to the Doctor. I LOVE the Dr. herself... but the office SUCKS! A good portion of the staff is rude... it is always hot in there... it is about a 45 min. drive from my house... and every time we go, we are there for at least 2 hours!!! They should NOT make people wait that freakin long! Especially with kids... and sometimes SICK kids!! grrr
But his Doctor is so nice, and very thorough. I don't ever feel like she is in a hurry. She is such a good doctor, that Slayde was having some issues walking a few months back, she examined him- sent us for x-rays- blah-blah-blah.... and SHE called me about 3 times that day which was a Friday, and called me several times over the course of the weekend to check on him- she even gave me her personal cell phone number to call her if I needed her... I don't think most Doctors do that anymore.

Anyway... if all goes okay tomorrow, I will post pics and recipes of tonights dinner! Yummie! and EASY!

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  1. Mmm, your dinner sounds delicious! It sounds like your doctor is really good. It's too bad the staff aren't better.

    I look forward to your recipes!