Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Times!

I haven't blogged in a while. I really don't feel like there is enough time in the day. I can't get on the computer during the day as long as Griffin is awake, because he is a total techno-geek apparently, and tries to get my laptop every time he sees it. This also is true for remote controls, his daddy's Mac computer, cell phones, remote controls.... anything that is an electronic device- he wants!!

When I have been online in the last few weeks, it has been for me to be busy researching housing! We very recently got word that we would be transferring to another base. The one good thing about the situation is that it is still close by. We will be about 2 hours away from my family. This will be a good stepping stone for our next move! It will give me a little taste of a military move, and being a little further away from family. Who knows where we will go next!

We did finally find a house to rent. Unfortunately, Dan still has not gotten his official papers saying WHEN he really has to be there. He was told the 20th- but seeing as how that is this coming week... and he doesn't have his orders yet, I guess it will be at least a few days later. His school starts at the beginning of June, so I guess we could be moving anytime between now and June 1st or so. This whole situation has been stressing me out! I hate to move! Especially since we have only been in this house for 6 months... grrr

I have made several tasty dishes in the last few weeks... I have taken pictures of some, and not kept a "clear" recipe (I kinda eyeball stuff when I make my own recipes up- makes it hard to keep track of). A few I forgot to take pictures of.... I guess I have just had a bunch on my mind. I am going to get better! Really! As soon as we get our living situation settled... I am getting back on track!

By the way... is there anybody even out there reading this?? haha... leave me a comment- let me know that I need to actually post- and that I am not just wasting my breath... err.. um... keystrokes!

And because I shouldn't post without sharing a couple of pictures....
Here are Dan, Slayde and I with Mickey and Minnie! We had such a GREAT time at Disney! I wish I could go there everyday!

Here is my buddy Griffin... He didn't get to go see Mickey... He stayed with his meme while we were gone. I think meme snuck him some Pepsi... and Reeses...

I took this picture while at Epcot. We were hanging out in Norway.. eating Schoolbread (which was YUMMIE!!) and the sky was beautiful! This picture is straight out of camera... NOT one bit of photoshopping!

And my cute boys... just because they are cute!!

I made some KILLER chicken burittos today! OMG they taste DELISH! I WILL be posting a picture and recipe in the next few days! Stay Tuned!! And prepare to WOW yourself!!

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  1. What cute little boys! I just emailed you and asked if you had moved to the area yet- I guess by the post- you haven't!