Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paisley at 2 months old

- Eating 4ozs about every 2-3 hours
- Wearing size 1 diapers
- Starting to pull and grab at things
- Sleeping a little better, usually on her tummy in the bassinet about 4 hours tops at a time
- She smiles at silly things, and it is SO adorable! I love that little toothless gummy grin!
- She likes her baths. But only after she whines the first couple of mins, I think the water scares her at first
- She has a little bit of acid reflux, I had to fight the Dr. to give her meds for it. We have been taking it a few days. We will see how it goes!
- She weighs 11lbs-12oz and has the CUTEST little chubby rolly-polly thighs! I just want to eat em!
- Slayde is still in love. Griffin has warmed up pretty quickly and likes to give her love now too!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting Better

Okay, I promise to start being a better blogger!

We have had a crazy few weeks! Paisley was born and a couple weeks later we took off for 2 weeks to go visit my parents, and my sister. The day after we got home from Savannah, we were on the road again to go to New York. Dans Grandmother was very ill with cancer. We were there for almost 2 weeks. She passed away. We are glad she is in a better place. It was so very hard to see her in pain.

We brought Anna (Dan's 12 year old daughter) home with us because she was on spring break that week. We stopped off in Washington DC for 3 days to visit the sites! It was fun. DC is such a beautiful city with so much history! We went to a couple of the Smithsonian museums. We actually ran into my sister there too! (she lives in GA- so it was weird!)<>

Paisley at one week old

Paisley at 2 weeks old
Paisley at one month old
(we were out of town, so no crib/bear picture)

And totally for my records...
at one month old, Paisley is:
*Sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy, on occasion she will sleep for an hour or so in the bassinet beside the bed before she realizes she is alone.

*Wearing a Newborn size diaper

*Nursing every 2 hours or so. Or will take a bottle of about 2-3oz in the same time frame

*Made a 5 hour trip to Savannah with mommy and big brothers alone, and did a good job traveling that far!

*Has visited the Easter Bunny for the first time

*Wears a premie or newborn clothes, and all socks are VERY Large

*Big brother Slayde LOVES Paisley so much! He always wants to hold and kiss her. Griffin isn't quite sure what to think!